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Meet The Team

  • Chef Proprietor: Rowley Leigh

    Rowley Leigh in the restaurantROWLEY LEIGH, the chef proprietor of Le Café Anglais is one of the founding fathers of modern British cooking. After Cambridge University he tried his hand at farming and novel writing before falling into cooking 'almost by accident' in 1977. After a couple of years at the Joe Allen restaurant, he went to work with the Roux brothers at Le Gavroche in 1979.

    After stints at Le Gavroche, the brothers' pastry laboratory and becoming buyer for the group, he took over their prestigious Le Poulbot restaurant as head chef in 1984, receiving many accolades including the Times restaurant of the year award in 1986.

    He opened Kensington Place Restaurant with Nick Smallwood and Simon Slater in 1987. Quickly hailed by the Times as restaurant of the year, Kensington Place and its blend of brilliant food and an informal and buzzy atmosphere set the pattern for London restaurants in the 1990's.

    In the same decade, Rowley started a career as a cookery writer, winning the prestigious Glenfiddich award three times with The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and The Financial Times. He remains cookery correspondent of The Financial Times. His much accoladed book, No Place Like Home, was published in 2001. He left Kensington Place in December 2006 in order to open Le Café Anglais in 2007.

  • General Manager: Gordana Sherriff

    After many years at the Groucho Club, The Ivy, Dean Street Townhouse and other West End fleshpots, Gordana joined us two years ago. She keeps a motherly eye on her brood but is no believer in over indulgent parenting.

  • Assistant General Manager: Ruth Leigh

    Rowley’s daughter Ruth has been at Le Café since we opened in 2007. She knows where all the skeletons are buried. Apart from running the service in Gordana’s absence, she also runs our brilliant wine list.

  • Head Chef: Oliver Brown

    Ollie came to Le Café straight from school nearly six years ago. He had time off for good behaviour for a couple of years but has been lured back to run the kitchen.

  • Events Manager: Michael De Roeck

    After working at Le Café Anglais for several years now, Michael has taken over the Events and Marketing department and is relishing the new challenge.